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Casket Prices
Metal caskets are listed by the thickness of the material as stated in gauges, such as 20-gauge, 18-gauge and 16-gauge, which is similar to the way shotguns are classified by the thickness of their barrels. The insinuation is that the thicker the material, the longer-lasting or more protective the casket. Even the lowest gauge casket will more than likely outlast the body inside it. Average price for a metal unit from a funeral home runs $1,395-$3,995
Semi-precious Metals
This category includes Bronze, Copper, and Stainless Steel. Bronze has been around for a long time. It has a reputation for durability. Bronze and copper are listed in weight per square foot of material, usually cited as 32 oz., or 34 oz.. Average cost from a funeral home,
$5,700 - $10,000 and UP. 
Copper holds up well and, of the two, is probably the better buy. Average cost from a funeral home, $3,900-$8,700 and UP.
Stainless Steel is included among the 'semiprecious metals' to differentiate it from the regular metal caskets. The durability of stainless steel is well known. Average funeral home price, $3,000 and up.
Hardwood caskets are fashioned from oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and poplar. These are works of art. There are also some very nice pine models. Average price from a funeral home, $2,000 - $20,000.
Custom Caskets
Coke bottles, Nokia phones, Shoes and Airplains
For the Ga tribe in coastal Ghana, funerals are a time of mourning, but also of celebration. The Ga people believe that when their loved ones die, they move on into another life — and the Ga make sure they do so in style. They honor their dead with brightly colored coffins that celebrate the way they lived. The coffins are sold for use and displayed in art galleries worldwide.
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Save valuable cemetery real estate, be buried upright!
An inventor came up with a patented coffin that actually gets screwed into the ground upright. The marker or headstone fits over the top and creates an automatic headstone.
This is a pretty neat idea. Saves time, effort, valuable cemetery real estate and your expensive coffin is still viewable (well part of it anyway) instead of being covered up with dirt. You could even put two of these into one plot making burial a real bargain for a couple.
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