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Caskets come in a wide range of materials, each of which has its selling points. It can't be said that each has its advantages, because this is simply untrue. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule is specific in its language regarding supposed benefits of caskets, which is summarized as follows:
"No casket or outer burial container shall be held forth as offering superior 'protection' of the remains from water, moisture, biological invasion (insects, etc ...), or roots, when it ISN'T TRUE. Nor shall claims of indefinite preservation be made. Furthermore, NO FUNERAL HOME CAN CHARGE A FEE FOR THE CUSTOMER USING A CASKET BOUGHT ELSEWHERE THROUGH AN ALTERNATE SOURCE, NOR REQUIRE A FAMILY MEMBER TO BE PRESENT FOR ITS DELIVERY, NOR MAKE A FUNERAL SERVICES PACKAGE CONTINGIENT UPON THE PURCHASE OF A CASKET OR OUTER CONTAINER .."
In short, no matter what the materials or construction of the container, the body WILL return to nature.
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