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" What You Don't Know Will Cost You Money!"
The death of a loved one is difficult enough without additional complications about funeral service or a lack of knowledge of what that service should be and cost.  The funeral buyer has a special burden to inform themselves about their choices and educate themselves about the pitfalls .
(From: The Funeral Rule-Federal Trade Commission)
Educational Seminars
What would you do if:
Your spouse, child, parent or other loved one suddenly died and you were faced with making their funeral arrangements?  An unpleasant thought indeed, but the fact is that it can and does happen- over 2 million times each year in the U.S.  The unavoidable truth is, it's inevitable.
O.M. Benefit Solutions is dedicated to increasing consumer knowledge of funeral service on the premise that consumers are their own best advocates when they are well informed.
By offering to speak to community groups, our Certified Preplanning Consultant provides a community service in the form of education and emergency planning guidance.
Our seminars are informational and informal; with audience participation throughout the presentation. The information is geared to what is happening nationally and in your local area. Participants will receive My Funeral Plans. It's a simple form created by our Certified Preplanning Consultant, which lets you create a personal funeral plan that reflects you as an individual. 
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