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Detroit: Too Broke to Bury Their Dead
Money to bury Detroit's poor has dried up, forcing struggling families to abandon their loved ones in the morgue freezer.
At 1300 E. Warren St., you can smell the plight of Detroit.
Inside the Wayne County morgue in midtown Detroit, 67 bodies are piled up, unclaimed, in the freezing temperatures. Neither the families nor the county can afford to bury the corpses. So they stack up inside the freezer. Albert Samuels, chief investigator for the morgue, said he has never seen anything like it during his 13 years on the job. "Some people don't come forward even though they know the people are here," said the former Detroit cop. "They don't have the money".
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Detroit's Dead Pile Up
Mom: Teen Wrongly Killed Over Slashed Tires
The 18-year-old shot to death over slashed tires early Saturday in DeKalb County, GA was innocent, his mother said Sunday.
“My son was innocent,” said the mother. “I cannot sleep, knowing (the killers) are out there walking around, doing whatever they want to do while my son is lying in a morgue with a toe tag on. And there is nothing I can do about it.”
About 100 people attended a candlelight vigil for the teen on Sunday night. "It wasn't even his beef. Someone just came shooting," a friend said at the vigil.
The grieving mother said money is tight for the family, so they’re on a mission to raise as much money as they can to properly bury the teen.
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