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Church Ministry Support Plan
The Funeral Resource Ministry
"A Guiding Light in Your Time of Need"
The Funeral Resource Ministry is dedicated to putting the consumer back in control and the church back in the "loop" in the funeral process. Members frequently arrange a funeral at an extremely emotional time. This is when guidance and advice are needed most. The church has a special obligation to inform its members about their choices regarding funeral service arrangements.
The Funeral Resource Ministry will greatly benefit your membership and enhance your ministry in more ways than can be imagined. Trained advisers will be available to your members at their request. The member will be in charge of the funeral process and will experience substantial savings on final expenses without compromising the quality of service.
Educational Seminars
We will conduct seminars for your members. Our seminars are informational and informal; with audience participation. The presentation will also include funeral service providers from the community. 
Pre-planning Benefit
Many individuals prefer to prearrange their own or a loved one's funeral. By taking the initiative and setting out what they want now, your members can get on with living their lives, knowing that when the time comes their loved ones will know what they wanted and be spared from having to make difficult decisions. To help you do this, our Certified Preplanning Consultant has produced My Funeral Plans. It's a simple form which lets you create a personal funeral plan that reflects you as an individual. Should your members be interested in doing so, a Certified Preplanning Consultant, at your request, will be available to assist with their pre-planning needs.
Who Can Benefit?
Everyone! Your members will benefit. Your ministry will benefit. Best of all, this valuable service is at no cost to the church or the grieving family!
\ Provide This Valuable Benefit to Your Membership! 
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