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Anubis guiding the deceased to the underworld.
Anpu (Anubis) - supervised the embalming and burial of the deceased and  guided the dead to the underworld.
This page serves as a database of information and preferred funeral service providers that will assist families with the disposition of the deceased. 
Also, as a guide to government entities who provide funeral assistance to victims of crime and disasters. 
What recourse does a consumer have for poor service or overcharging?
Funeral service is regulated by the FTC and state licensing boards. In most cases, the consumer should discuss problems with the funeral director first. If the dispute cannot be solved by talking with the funeral director, the consumer may wish to contact the Funeral Service Consumer Assistance Program. FSCAP provides information, mediates disputes, provides arbitration, and maintains a consumer guarantee fund for reimbursement of services rendered. ( To contact FSCAP, call 708-827-6337 or 800-662-7666) .
Some people cannot afford basic funeral services. Is financial aid available to the poor?
Other than the family, there are veteran, union, and other organizational benefits to pay for funerals, including, in certain instances, a lump sum death payment from Social Security. In most states, some form of public aid allowances are available from either the state, county, city, or a combination. Most funeral directors are aware of the various benefits and know how to obtain them.
What is the Crime Victim Compensation Program?
Victim-witness and law enforcement personnel need to tell victims about this vital resource.
Without information about compensation programs, victims will never be able to access the financial help that is available to them.  The compensation programs themselves operate with small staffs and depend heavily on the help of others who work with victims daily.
Crime victim compensation programs pay primarily for medical care, mental health counseling, lost wages and support, and funerals.
These are the major expense categories covered by the programs, but there are a host of miscellaneous expenses that also may be paid for.  Property losses almost never are covered, except for crime-scene cleanup.
Each state sets limits on the amount of compensation available.
Maximums typically are about $25,000, though some states have lower and higher maximums.  In addition, there may be limits on some types of benefits, such as mental health counseling or funeral costs.
To qualify for compensation, victims must meet certain requirements.
While every state operates under its own law, the requirements are broadly similar.  Victims must:
  1. Report the crime promptly
  2. Cooperate with law enforcement
  3. File a timely application
  4. Be innocent of wrongdoing
  5. Have an expense or loss not covered by insurance or another public benefit program, like the V.A., CHAMPUS, Medicaid, and other federal programs.
More information about each state is accessible in the Program Directory at www.nacvcb.org.
The National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards
P.O. Box 16003, Alexandria, VA  22302
(703) 780-3200
Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA)
Funeral Assistance
The most tragic disaster-related loss imaginable is that of a loved one. Under the Individuals and Households Program’s (IHP) Other Needs Assistance (ONA) provision, an applicant may qualify for certain eligible funeral expenses.
FEMA Funeral Assistance is provided to help with the cost of unexpected and uninsured expenses associated with the death of an immediate family member when attributed to an event that is declared to be a major disaster or emergency.
Eligible Funeral Expenses may include:
• Cost of casket
• Mortuary Services
• Transportation of the deceased and/or up to two family members into the area to identify the decedent (if required by state/local authorities)
• Two Death Certificates
• Burial plot
• Interment or cremation
• Cost of reinturment ( if disinterment is a) caused by the declared disaster, and b) occurs in a family cemetery on private property)
For more information on how to apply click:
Grief Support Support
Holding a funeral or memorial service for your loved one is a positive first step in the grieving process. Family members and friends get a chance to say their goodbyes, and at the same time, they get to share strong feelings with one another.
In the days, weeks and months following the service, people continue to need others to lean on for understanding, encouragement and guidance. For that reason, many local and national support groups have formed. These groups provide a common place and a comforting environment for expressing emotions through each phase of the grieving process. To learn more, click on the links below, or discuss grief counseling and support options with your Celebrant or funeral director.
General Grief Resources
  • AARP Grief & Loss  - a collection of resources and an on-line support community.
  • - The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. 
  • National Funeral Directors Association - Frequently Asked Questions about grief.
  • American Cancer Society - Support to cancer patients, family and friends.
  • Growth House - Discusses hospice care, dying with dignity, terminal illness, grief and bereavement.
  • GROWW.org - message boards, resource listings and secure chat rooms for the grieving.
  • WidowNet - an information and support resource for, and by, widows and widowers .
Grief Resources For Parents
Grief Resources For Children
  • The Dougy Center - the first center in the United States to provide peer support groups for grieving children. They provide support and training locally, nationally and internationally to individuals and organizations seeking to assist children in grief.
  • Kate's Club - is a non-profit organization that empowers children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling. By creating friendships with kids and young adults that share the experience, Kate’s Club guides children through their grief journey in a comfortable, safe, and uplifting setting.
Cremation Services
Plan. Protect. Relax.
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Pet Services
Dream Land Pet Memorial Center was founded to help your needs as the grieving pet owner. They will guide you through the various services and options offered. For example, some prefer the simplicity of making arrangements by phone without a visit to the facility. Others prefer to come into Dream Land in advance or at time of need. The choice is yours. Families may also choose from a cremation with a final viewing and/or a funeral or some may just want a very simple individual cremation. Dream Land will assist you step by step through the planning process.
Serving Metro Atlanta and Surrounding Counties.
Donating Your Body To Science
Learning More About Deceased Body Donation
When you read through the BioGift website, you will notice pages that talk not only about deceased body donation, but what might be done with your anatomical gifts. Here you can learn about some of the diseases that are studied using anatomical donations, and continuing education cadaver labs.
We want to show you why whole body donations after death are an accepted practice, and why you should consider anatomical gifts as your last charitable act.
Free Funeral Planning Guide
My Funeral Plans
Have you ever thought about what you want for your funeral? You probably already know whether you want to be buried or cremated, but what about the details? Where do you want your funeral to be held? Do you want readings and, if so, which ones and read by whom? Perhaps there's even a particular route you would like your hearse to take.
By taking the initiative and setting out what you want now, you can get on with living your life, knowing that when the time comes your loved ones will know what you wanted and be spared from having to make difficult decisions.
To help you do this, O. M. Benefit Solutions has produced My Funeral Plans. It's a simple form which lets you create a personal funeral plan that reflects you as an individual.
My Funeral Plans is completely free and simple to do: just fill in the sections that are important to you. You can always revisit the form if you want to add additional details. Once filled in, put the form in a safe place - letting a loved one know where it is; you might even like to give a copy to someone for safekeeping. 
What to do when a loved one dies away from home
Domestic and International Funeral Shipping
Whether you need to arrange to move a deceased family member across the United States, or return a loved one back to their country of origin to their final resting place; the issue of transporting a body is an added dilemma to making funeral arrangements. We can be overwhelmed with the ‘red tape’.
The more you can understand about the protocols and terminology of funeral shipping, the better informed you are and the more you can stay in control of the process.
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